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MD/CE’s Office - SMS


This department is directly under the office of the MD/CEO OF NAMA and is being headed by a General manager, Mr Rafiq Arogunjo.
SMS is a systematic management of safety. In other words, it's a collective term for series of policies and procedures the
NAMA put in place for the reduction of hazards and accidents at work place.
In accordance with the provisions of ICAO document 9859, safety is a state in which the risk of hazards to people and damage to properties are reduced to acceptable levels through the process of hazard identification and risk management.
Quality assurance on the other hand is the maintenance of a desired level of quality in products and services delivery of NAMA as an organization.
Safety officers are appointed for all airports and their function is to coordinate safety issues for the GM SMS.
Quality assurance is important in order to build customer trust and satisfaction. As an air navigation services provider, NAMA has set up quality assurance programme that contains procedures designed to verify that all operations are being conducted in accordance with applicable requirements, standards and procedure.
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