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Safety Policy

Safety Policies

NAMA is an Air Navigation Service Provider with mandate to manage the Nigerian Airspace to a level consistent with the requirements of the ICAO SARPs and make it rank among the safest in the AFI region indeed, the world over.


• To continue to provide safe and functional air navigation services that will meet international standards.
• To increase Air Traffic Management (ATM) capacity in order to manage the increasing air traffic volume and simultaneously reduce delays.
• To enhance service quality.
• To reduce cost for airspace users.

Policy Statement

Safety is our first priority in the provision of Air Navigation Services. We are committed to implementing, developing and improving strategies, management systems and processes to ensure that all our Air Traffic Management activities uphold the highest level of safety performance and meet national and international standards. Safety culture is embedded in all our operations, in order to improve safety through proactive management rather than reactive compliance with regulatory requirements.


• All levels of management are clearly committed to safety, starting with the MD/CEO.
• Trainings are programmed to build and maintain meaningful safety leadership skills.
• Just-culture principle of non-punitive open safety communication is established.
• All relevant staff and stakeholders are involved in collaborative decision process.
• Priority resource allocation to achieve acceptable level of safety.
• Safety of our employees, customers and contractors are a strategic issue of the Agency.
• Our goal is the adoption of ‘BEST PRACTICE’ standards and partnership between safety and Quality Management.
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