MD Greenlights Funds for DTA and Staff Claims, Promises Swift Clearances

Putting staff well-being at the forefront, NAMA’s Managing Director/Chief Executive, Engr. A. U. Farouk, kicked off a mission to shake things up during an interactive session he held with heads of unions which buzzed with his exciting plans to revolutionize NAMA.

Mr. Dada Oluwole, the NAMA Branch Chairman of Air Transport Services (ATSSSAN) passionately voiced the union’s concerns, emphasizing their primary role in championing staff welfare. Calling for a revolution in Condition of Service (COS), he urged the management to form a collaborative committee involving the Director of Human Resource and Administration(DHRA) and unions to interpret and promptly implement overdue COS adjustments, addressing a lingering backlog.

Also, highlighting soaring costs, he also pressed for a review of Duty Tour Allowance (DTA) Airfare, citing the current high prices. The issue of files languishing unnecessarily on staff desks also drew attention as a union grievance. Mr. Dada concluded by extending the unwavering support of the union to the MD/CE, in his words ‘’ we will work with you, work for you and we will support you’’

The MD/CE, addressing the team as friends, emphasized the need for an insider-led administration, expressing gratitude for the opportunity. Addressing the grievances of the Unions, He went further to pledged an unwavering commitment to workers’ welfare, approving backlogs of staff claims, including Duty Tour Allowances (DTA). The MD/CE revealed that he has approved the payment of all backlogs of staff claims and DTA’s dating back to 2022. With a passion for efficiency and employee satisfaction, he declared his unwavering commitment to ensuring that staff DTA’s are paid promptly before any assignment commences. “Change has come,” he proclaimed, igniting hope and optimism among union members present.

The MD/ CE further emphasized that he envisions a transformative era at NAMA marked by innovation, transparency, and collaboration. Supported by the Honorable Minister, he is actively leading the design phase for the construction of a cutting-edge Corporate Headquarters for NAMA.

In a bid to eradicate bureaucratic bottlenecks, the MD/CE stressed the need for expeditious file management. Maintaining an accessible approach, he urged a collective effort for positive change, he encouraged proactive collaboration for the agency’s benefit, saying that all should be loyal to the agency and not him and individual.

Addressing Condition of Service concerns, the MD/CE reassured unions of a steadfast commitment to current terms while actively pursuing additional enhancements in alignment with national goals. He pledged tangible actions, ushering in a new era of efficiency and progress at NAMA.

Joining the fray, the Director of Finance made it clear that he’s all in for resolving issues. Operating on a “First in First Out” basis, he is committed to processing documents pronto, ensuring every pending matter is promptly addressed.

The hall resonated with applause, signaling the dawn of a transformative chapter for NAMA. Engr. A. U. Farouk’s leadership propels the agency towards greater heights, exemplifying excellence and innovation in aviation.

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