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Management Team

Picture of Engr. Farouk Umar in brown kaftan


Managing Director/Chief Executive

MD/CE's Profile

Engr. Farouk Ahmed Umar, a seasoned leader in Nigeria’s aviation sector. As the Director of Safety Electronic and Engineering Services at Nigeria Airspace Management Agency (NAMA), he’s revolutionized airport technology nationwide. From installing instrument landing systems in major airports to pioneering solar-powered navigational aids, his leadership has elevated safety and efficiency in air travel.

Beyond his stellar career, he’s deeply committed to grassroots initiatives, earning esteemed titles for his contributions to the Gwandu Emirate’s development. His legacy, rooted in a lineage of service and progress, showcases dedication both professionally and in community service. Engr. Farouk Ahmed Umar stands as a beacon of excellence in Nigeria’s aviation landscape and beyond.