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Directorate of human Resouces & Administration


The Human Resources Department is the policy making arm of the Agency. Headed by a General Manager, it is responsible for formulating policies for the seamless running of the Agency, interpreting the Public Service Rules, Staff Conditions of Service and ensuring compliance with the relevant extant laws governing the Civil Service. The Department is responsible for the following functions:
Staff Welfare
Staff welfare functions of the HR Department include the following:
1. Processing various Allowances for Staff of the Agency.
2. Processing financial assistance to Staff and bereavement assistance to Staff and families of Staff who are bereaved.
3. Processing Bank Loans, advance requests, introducing Staff to financial institutions for finance related matters.
4. Processing medical related requests for management consideration.
5. Custodian/Secretariat to the Agency’s National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).
6. Custodian/Secretariat of the Agency’s National Housing Scheme (NHF).
7. Custodian/Secretariat for the National Security Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF).
8. Handle matters Cooperative Societies’ matters as they affect Staff of the Agency.
9. Handling other welfare issues that may not be directly enshrined in the Staff Conditions of Service.
1. The Human Resources Department organizes, coordinates, monitors and oversees the entire recruitment processes for candidates who wish to join the service of into the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency
2. Ensures that recruitment guidelines are followed and all processes are in line with relevant extant rules.
3. Secretariat for Committees on Promotion matters, Upgrading and Conversion.
4. Organize, coordinate and conduct promotion exercises across all grade levels.
5. Supervise and monitor Proficiency examinations for Air Traffic Controllers and Engineers in the Agency.
Human Capacity Development/Training
The sustenance of the Agency largely depends on competent and well-trained Staff. The HR Department has a Training and Manpower Division responsible for the following;
1. Identify, appraise and process training proposals and implementation in line with training needs of Directorates.
2. Process yearly local and foreign trainings for the Agency
3. Serves as the Secretariat to the Agency’s Training Committee.
4. Monitor and coordinate training programmes to ensure optimal participation by Staff and proper delivery by facilitators.
5. Encourage Staff towards making higher educational pursuits by advising appropriately.
6. Processing requests for further studies within the provisions of all extant rules.
7. Adequately place Interns and members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) for their internships and service respectively.
8. Organize orientation programmes for new Staff of the Agency.
9. Appraise study leave requests in line with extant rules.
Industrial Relations
The HR Department intertwines the activities of Management, Workers and Government for better working conditions. The Industrial Relation Division is responsible for the following:
Custodian of Records
1. Keeping and updating Staff personal and confidential files/records
2. Updating and maintaining the Agency’s Staff nominal roll.
3. Custodian of policy files of the Agency
4. Documentation of new employees of the Agency.
5. Organizing and designing the Agency, Directorate and Departmental Organogram.
6. Processing and updating of Staff’s Next of Kin, Change of name, Marital Status, Child birth update, etc
7. Secretariat to the Agency’s Manpower Budget Committee.
8. Manpower budgeting and workforce planning.
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