Engr. A.U. Farouk Advocates Collaborative Union Efforts for Progress

In a recent meeting at the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) headquarters, Managing Director Engr. A.U. Farouk has emphasized the crucial need for unions to synchronize their efforts and collaborate as a unified force to drive the agency’s progress.

This sentiment was conveyed during a courtesy visit by an entourage from the Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Service Technical and Recreational Services Employees (AUPCTRE), led by its president, Mr. Benjamin Anthony, who extended support to Engr. Farouk in his new leadership role steering the affairs of Nigeria’s sole Air Navigational Service Providers.

Despite the revenue challenges bedeviling the agency, the Managing Director reiterated that NAMA is now on course and no longer on trial. He encouraged the unions to jointly sign the communique, which would serve as a yardstick for negotiating better wages and income for all staff.

Engr. Farouk, who began his public service journey in the Ministry of Labour (once a comrade, always a comrade), underscored the importance of fairness and equity among unions. He stressed the need to reshape existing narratives concerning labor relations and expressed a keen interest in addressing these issues to foster a conducive working environment within NAMA and related sectors. He reassured union leaders of his commitment to transparency through an open-door policy.

Mr. Benjamin Anthony echoed Engr. Farouk’s sentiments, emphasizing the mutual benefits derived from continued cooperation among unions. He highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing common goals and ensuring the well-being of workers.

Engr. A.U. Farouk’s advocacy for collaborative union efforts reflects NAMA’s commitment to promoting unity and progress within the workforce. By fostering cooperation among unions and addressing labor-related challenges, NAMA aims to create a more inclusive and conducive working environment for all stakeholders.

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