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Company Secretary / Legal Adviser

Director of Legal Services and Company Secretary

As you are well aware the office of the company secretary and the legal adviser of NAMA has been divided into two distinct offices. This official separation has therefore created the need for a clear and distinct schedule of duties for the office of Company Secretary.
The Company Secretary shall therefore:

Furthermore, in the current era of rapid industry transformation additional responsibilities of the Company Secretary shall include:

Legal Adviser

The vision of the Legal Department: Provision of qualitative legal support services to ensure seamless service delivery towards the achievements of the corporate vision of the Agency.
The Legal Department is one of the Departments under the office of the Managing Director/CE. It is responsible for ensuring that the Agency carries out its activities according to the dictate of due diligence, due process and transparency in conformity and in consonance with the principles of corporate governance and industry best practices.
Apart from representing the Agency meetings and practicing in dealings with third parties culminating in creation of a legal relationship, the department is also responsible for drafting and perfecting agreements such as Contract agreements, Tenancy Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (MOU), e.t.c for the Agency.
The department equally provides general guidance and direction through legal advice and legal opinion to the Management and Agency in all areas of its operations as well as interprets the various laws and regulations guiding the operations of the Agency.

Legal and Secretariat Department

The Legal and Secretarial services Department of the Agency is headed by the Company Secretary/Legal Adviser (CS/LA). The CS/LA is charged with the oversight including the management of legal and compliance matters by the Agency and provision of secretarial services to both the Management and Governing Board of the Agency.
The functions of the Department include:
i. Drafting, vetting and perfecting of legal documents and Agreements,
ii. Rendering of legal advice and opinions including ensuring compliance with extant laws and regulations in the execution of the Agency’s functions.
iii. Litigation, Dispute and case management which includes ensuring proper representation and monitoring of cases involving the Agency.
iv. Provision of secretarial services to the Management and Board of the Agency.
v. Repository of Legal Documents and instruments of the Agency.
vi. Such other functions as may be assigned by the Agency.
The structure of the Department comprises of the CS/LA who is the head of the Department, supported by the General Manager (Legal). The Advisory/ Drafting functions is headed by a Deputy General Manager (Legal) and Litigation & Case management functions is equally headed by a Deputy General Manager (Legal),while all other officers report through them.
The provision of Secretarial duties is primarily undertaken by the CS/LA and the General Manager (Legal).
These offices report to the CS/LA through the GM (Legal).
The mission of the Department is to provide qualitative legal support services to ensure seamless service delivery towards the achievement of the corporate vision of the Agency.